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4209. porphura -- purple fish, purple dye, purple cloth
... There were three familiar shades of purple in the ancient world: deep violet,
deep scarlet (or crimson), and deep blue (, 2, 220). ...
// - 7k
Strong's Hebrew
8504. tekeleth -- violet, violet thread
... 8503, 8504. tekeleth. 8505 . violet, violet thread. Transliteration: tekeleth
Phonetic Spelling: (tek-ay'-leth) Short Definition: blue. ...
/hebrew/8504.htm - 6k

How Love Spreads Its Excellence Over the Other virtues, Perfecting ...
... And the light of the sun, equal as it is on the violet and the rose, yet will never
make that so fair as this, or make a daisy as lovely as a lily. ...
/.../francis/treatise on the love of god/chapter v how love spreads.htm

The Preaching of Nature.
... Most of us are destined to occupy a lowly place in life. Our position is like
that of the humble violet, not of the towering forest tree. ...
/.../the life of duty a years plain sermons v 2/sermon l the preaching of.htm

While Vergilius, Going Slowly, was Thinking of These Things...
... wall; there were seats and divans of ebony enriched by cunning hands; lamp-holders
of wrought metal standing high as a man's head, and immense violet rugs on ...
/...// 7 while vergilius going.htm

Christ Teaching Humility
... "The Fable of the Oak and the Violet." In a large garden there grew ... "Yes," answered
the violet, in its humility, "God has given you strength, and me sweetness. ...
/.../newton/the life of jesus christ for the young/christ teaching humility.htm

Whether Sufficient Reason Can be Assigned for the Ceremonies ...
... curtains, curtains of goats' hair, rams' skins dyed red, and violet-colored skins
(Ex.26). ... twisted linen, violet, purple, and scarlet twice dyed. ...
/.../aquinas/summa theologica/whether sufficient reason can be.htm

... the heart's-ease sprang from its own seed. I am sure that a violet springs
from a violet seed. I cannot doubt that the lily hath ...
// sermons volume 6 1860/resurgam.htm

The People of the New Earth
... the tenth, a chrysoprasus (pale yellow and green, classed by moderns under topaz):
the eleventh, a jacinth (a deep red flame colour or violet colour): the ...
/.../bullinger/commentary on revelation/the people of the new.htm

On the Holy Eucharist
... There are five colors used, namely, white, red, green, violet, and black. ...
Violet signifies penance, and is used in Advent and Lent. ...
/.../kinkead/baltimore catechism no 4/lesson 22 on the holy.htm

Esther, the Queen.
... The palace garden was hung with awnings of white and green and violet,
fastened with cords and silver rings to pillars of marble. ...
/.../lathbury/childs story of the bible/chapter xxxiv esther the queen.htm

The Dream of St. Ursula
... He has soft grey wings, lustreless; and his dress, of subdued blue, has violet
sleeves, open above the elbow, and showing white sleeves below. ...
// ursula/ii the dream of st.htm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) Any plant or flower of the genus Viola, of many species. The violets are generally low, herbaceous plants, and the flowers of many of the species are blue, while others are white or yellow, or of several colors, as the pansy (Viola tricolor).

2. (n.) The color of a violet, or that part of the spectrum farthest from red. It is the most refrangible part of the spectrum.

3. (n.) In art, a color produced by a combination of red and blue in equal proportions; a bluish purple color.

4. (n.) Any one of numerous species of small violet-colored butterflies belonging to Lycaena, or Rusticus, and allied genera.

5. (n.) Dark blue, inclining to red; bluish purple; having a color produced by red and blue combined.

Violet (3 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) The color of a violet, or that part of the spectrum farthest from red. It
is the most refrangible part of the spectrum. ...Violet (3 Occurrences). ...
/v/violet.htm - 8k

Red (124 Occurrences)
... (see EXODUS.). Noah Webster's Dictionary. 1. (n.) Of the color of red; that
part of the spectrum which is furthest from the violet part. ...
/r/red.htm - 77k

... An analysis of the various Biblical references shows but four colors which were
produced on cloth by dyeing, namely, purple, blue (violet), crimson and scarlet ...
/d/dyeing.htm - 14k

Dye (1 Occurrence)
... An analysis of the various Biblical references shows but four colors which were
produced on cloth by dyeing, namely, purple, blue (violet), crimson and scarlet ...
/d/dye.htm - 15k

Viols (2 Occurrences)

/v/viols.htm - 6k

Olive (61 Occurrences)
... 6. (n.) One of the tertiary colors, composed of violet and green mixed in equal
strength and proportion. 7. (n.) An olivary body. See under Olivary. ...
/o/olive.htm - 37k

Fringes (4 Occurrences)
... These tassels originally contained a thread of tekheleth, "violet." Jewish tradition,
however, has failed to retain the tekheleth, because of doubt as to the ...
/f/fringes.htm - 10k

Ruby (5 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary. 1. (n.) A precious stone of a carmine red color, sometimes
verging to violet, or intermediate between carmine and hyacinth red. ...
/r/ruby.htm - 9k

Ray (2 Occurrences)
... 9. (n.) One of the component elements of the total radiation from a body; any definite
or limited portion of the spectrum; as, the red ray; the violet ray. 10. ...
/r/ray.htm - 8k

Acid (2 Occurrences)
... One of a class of compounds, generally but not always distinguished by their sour
taste, solubility in water, and reddening of vegetable blue or violet colors. ...
/a/acid.htm - 7k

Bible Concordance
Violet (3 Occurrences)

2 Chronicles 2:7 Now therefore send me a man skillful to work in gold, and in silver, and in brass, and in iron, and in purple, and crimson, and blue, and who knows how to engrave all manner of engravings, to be with the skillful men who are with me in Judah and in Jerusalem, whom David my father did provide.
(See NAS)

2 Chronicles 2:14 the son of a woman of the daughters of Dan; and his father was a man of Tyre, skillful to work in gold, and in silver, in brass, in iron, in stone, and in timber, in purple, in blue, and in fine linen, and in crimson, also to engrave any manner of engraving, and to devise any device; that there may be a place appointed to him with your skillful men, and with the skillful men of my lord David your father.
(See NAS)

2 Chronicles 3:14 He made the veil of blue, and purple, and crimson, and fine linen, and ornamented it with cherubim.
(See NAS)



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