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1658. eleutheros -- free, ie not a slave or not under restraint
... Probably from the alternate of erchomai; unrestrained (to go at pleasure), ie (as
a citizen) not a slave (whether freeborn or manumitted), or (genitive case ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/1658.htm - 7k

113. athesmos -- lawless
... Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: athesmos Phonetic Spelling:
(ath'-es-mos) Short Definition: lawless Definition: lawless, unrestrained, licentious. ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/113.htm - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
5628. sarach -- to go free, be unrestrained, overrun, exceed
... sarach. 5629 . to go free, be unrestrained, overrun, exceed. Transliteration:
sarach Phonetic Spelling: (saw-rakh') Short Definition: lap. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/5628.htm - 6k

6544a. para -- let go, let alone
... of control (1), go loose (1), lack of restraint (1), let (1), neglect (1), neglected
(1), neglects (2), relent (1), uncover (2), uncovered (1), unrestrained (1 ...
/hebrew/6544a.htm - 5k

2820. chasak -- to withhold, refrain
... 1), lessened (1), refrain (1), requited (1), reserved (2), restrain (1), restrained
(1), restrains (2), spare (2), spared (1), unrestrained* (1), withheld (3 ...
/hebrew/2820.htm - 6k

1097. beli -- a wearing out
... nothing (1), nothing* (1), nothingness (1), one (2), overflows* (1), so* (3),
unconcerned* (1), unintentionally* (2), unobserved* (1), unrestrained* (1), want ...
/hebrew/1097.htm - 6k


Unrestrained Communion
... THE SONG OF SOLOMON SECTION VI Unrestrained Communion. Cant. viii.5-14.
We have now reached the closing section of this book, which ...
/.../taylor/union and communion/section vi unrestrained communion.htm

Ambrose Answers those who Press the Words of the Lord to the ...
... It is a mother, who in her anxiety for the honour of her sons, though somewhat
unrestrained in the measure of her desires, may for all that yet find pardon. ...
/.../ambrose/works and letters of st ambrose/chapter v ambrose answers those.htm

A Description of the Faults which Spring from the Evil of Pride.
... denotes not compunction or humility, but pride and wrath: so that one can hardly
say which is the more objectionable in him, that unrestrained and boisterous ...
/.../cassian/the works of john cassian /chapter xxvii a description of.htm

Opposition to Messiah Unreasonable
... The profane person learns to fear an oath, the libertine [unrestrained, debauched
person] is reclaimed, the drunkard becomes sober, and the miser kind. ...
/.../newton/messiah vol 2/sermon xxxiii opposition to messiah.htm

The Great Schism
... Others fell to pieces because of the unrestrained liberty of their members in their
exhortations, in their personal interpretation of the Scriptures, and in ...
/.../chapter x the great schism.htm

Sanctions of Moral Law, Natural and Governmental.
... This objection may mean either, that sin would not produce infinite mischief
if unrestrained, or that it does not involve infinite guilt. ...
/.../finney/systematic theology/lecture xix sanctions of moral.htm

Guilt of Neglecting the Heathen.
... It is impossible to give a representation of their unrestrained passions, the
abominations connected with their idol worship, or the scenes of discord, cruelty ...
/.../dibble/thoughts on missions/chapter iii guilt of neglecting.htm

The Personality of Power.
... held in check, not evident. If utterly unrestrained, given free sway and
control"ah! then power manifest, limitless, wonderful ...
/.../christianbookshelf.org/gordon/quiet talks on power/the personality of power.htm

The Flood-Tide of Power.
... we want to get a glimpse of God's ambitious ideal for our lives down here; something
of an understanding of the results of the unrestrained presence within us ...
/...//christianbookshelf.org/gordon/quiet talks on power/the flood-tide of power.htm

Acts xix. 21, 23
... For look, (here are) shameful words, unrestrained laughter, more unrestrained motions,
both dress and gait full of indecency, words fraught with mere nonsense ...
/.../chrysostom/homilies on acts and romans/homily xlii acts xix 21.htm

Unrestrained (3 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Unrestrained (3 Occurrences). Jude 1:12 These
men--sunken rocks! --are those who share the pleasure of ...
/u/unrestrained.htm - 7k

Riot (14 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) Wanton or unrestrained behavior; uproar; tumult.
2. (n.) Excessive and expensive feasting; wild and loose festivity; revelry. ...
/r/riot.htm - 12k

Unrighteous (32 Occurrences)

/u/unrighteous.htm - 16k

Vengeance (63 Occurrences)
... 1. (n.) Punishment inflicted in return for an injury or an offense; retribution; --
often, in a bad sense, passionate or unrestrained revenge. ...
/v/vengeance.htm - 26k

Unbridled (4 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (a.) Unrestrained; licentious; violent; as, unbridled
passions. Multi-Version Concordance Unbridled (4 Occurrences). ...
/u/unbridled.htm - 7k

Unresting (2 Occurrences)

/u/unresting.htm - 6k

Uprooted (29 Occurrences)
... (WEB YLT NAS NIV). Jude 1:12 These men--sunken rocks! --are those who share the
pleasure of your love-feasts, unrestrained by fear while caring only for ...
/u/uprooted.htm - 15k

Love-feasts (1 Occurrence)
... Love-feasts (1 Occurrence). Jude 1:12 These men--sunken rocks! --are those who share
the pleasure of your love-feasts, unrestrained by fear while caring only ...
/l/love-feasts.htm - 6k

Large (235 Occurrences)
... 5. (superl.) Free; unembarrassed. 6. (superl.) Unrestrained by decorum; --
said of language. 7. (superl.) Prodigal in expending; lavish. ...
/l/large.htm - 34k

Licentious (1 Occurrence)
... 2. (a.) Unrestrained by law or morality; lawless; immoral; dissolute; lewd; lascivious;
as, a licentious man; a licentious life. Multi-Version Concordance ...
/l/licentious.htm - 7k

Bible Concordance
Unrestrained (3 Occurrences)

Jude 1:12 These men--sunken rocks! --are those who share the pleasure of your love-feasts, unrestrained by fear while caring only for themselves; clouds without water, driven away by the winds; trees that cast their fruit, barren, doubly dead, uprooted;

Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people are uncontrolled; but he who keeps the law will be happy.
(See NAS)

Isaiah 14:6 He whose rod was on the peoples with an unending wrath, ruling the nations in passion, with an uncontrolled rule.
(See NAS)



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