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ma'-s'n: The translation of 4 Hebrew words:

(1) charash 'ebhen, "graver of stone" (2 Samuel 5:11);

(2) (3) gadhar (2 Kings 12:12), charash qur (1 Chronicles 14:1), "maker of a wall (or hedge)";

(4) chatsabh, "a hewer or digger (of stones)" (1 Chronicles 22:2 Ezra 3:7).

Lebanon still supplies the greater number of skilled masons to Palestine and Syria (see 2 Samuel 5:11), those of Shweir being in special repute.


Strong's Hebrew
2672. chatsab -- to hew, hew out, cleave
... cut, dig, divide, grave, hew out made, mason. Or chatseb {khaw-tsabe'};
a primitive root; to cut or carve (wood), stone or other ...
/hebrew/2672.htm - 6k

7023. qir -- a wall
... mason, side, town, very, wall. ... 22:5) {keer}; or (feminine) qiyrah {kee-raw'}; from
quwr; a wall (as built in a trench) -- + mason, side, town, X very, wall. ...
/hebrew/7023.htm - 6k

1443. gadar -- to wall up or off, to build a wall
... close up, fence up, hedge, enclose, make up a wall, mason, repairer. A
primitive root; to wall in or around -- close up, fence up ...
/hebrew/1443.htm - 6k

2796. charash -- engraver, artificer
... workers (1). artificer, carpenter, craftsman, engraver, maker, mason, skilful,
smith,. From charash; a fabricator or any material ...
/hebrew/2796.htm - 6k

51. Abishur -- "my father is a wall," an Israelite
... Abishur. From 'ab and shuwr; father of (the) wall (ie Perhaps mason); Abishur, an
Israelite -- Abishur. see HEBREW 'ab. see HEBREW shuwr. 50, 51. Abishur. 52 ...
/hebrew/51.htm - 6k

68. eben -- a stone
... From the root of banah through the meaning to build; a stone -- + carbuncle, + mason, +
plummet, (chalk-, hail-, head-, sling-)stone(-ny), (divers) weight(-s). ...
/hebrew/68.htm - 6k


... Mason. Mason, John, an earnest and pious clergyman of the English Church, was
the son of a Dissenting minister; lived in the seventeenth ...
// writers of the church/mason.htm

Mason -- Messiah's Throne
... MASON " MESSIAH'S THRONE. MESSIAH'S THRONE ... John Mitchell Mason, the eminent divine
of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, was born in New York City in 1770. ...
/.../kleiser/the worlds great sermons volume 3/mason messiahs throne.htm

J. Mason
... The Treasury of Sacred Song. Book First CLXVII J. Mason. My LORD, my Love, was
crucified; He all the pains did bear; But in the sweetness of His rest. ...
/...// treasury of sacred song/clxvii j mason.htm

Letter M
... William "Received 1828 * Martindale, Stephen "Received 1809 * Marvin, B. "Received
1831 * Marvin, Martin "Received 1831 * Mason, Benajah "Received ...
/.../ alphabetical list of m e preachers/letter m.htm

On Bk. viii. Chap. 2, 4 (Note 3, Continued). The Causes of the ...
... und seiner Nachfolger, Leipzig, 1869), Burckhardt (in his Zeit Constantins, Basel,
1853, 2d and improved edition, Leipzig, 1880), and AJ Mason (in his ...
// history/on bk viii chap 2.htm

What Occurred to Romanus on the Same Day at Antioch...
... chronon). Mason is clearly in error in putting his arrest in November,
and his death at the time of the vicennalia, in December. ...
/.../pamphilius/church history/chapter ii what occurred to.htm

The Destruction of the Churches.
... trouble. It is discussed very fully by Mason in his important work, The
Persecution of Diocletian, p. 105 sq. and p. 343 sq. As ...
/.../pamphilius/church history/chapter ii the destruction of the.htm

Those in Phrygia.
... Mason, on the other hand, contends that the population of the entire city
is meant. The Latin would seem, however, to support Gibbon's ...
/.../pamphilius/church history/chapter xi those in phrygia.htm

The Subsequent Reverse.
... master than before. Cf. Mason, p. 313 sq. [2722] Theotecnus, according to
the Passion of St. Theodotus (translated in Mason, p. 354 sq ...
/.../pamphilius/church history/chapter ii the subsequent reverse.htm

The Pretended Relaxation.
... and there seems to be no other alternative than to change the word gr?mmatos to
pr?gmatos, or at least give it the meaning of pr?gmatos, as Mason does, without ...
/.../pamphilius/church history/chapter i the pretended relaxation.htm

Easton's Bible Dictionary
An artificer in stone. The Tyrians seem to have been specially skilled in architecture (1 Kings 5:17, 18; 2 Samuel 5:11). This art the Hebrews no doubt learned in Egypt (Exodus 1:11, 14), where ruins of temples and palaces fill the traveller with wonder at the present day.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) One whose occupation is to build with stone or brick; also, one who prepares stone for building purposes.

2. (n.) A member of the fraternity of Freemasons. See Freemason.

3. (v. t.) To build stonework or brickwork about, under, in, over, etc.; to construct by masons; -- with a prepositional suffix; as, to mason up a well or terrace; to mason in a kettle or boiler.

... 3. (vt) To build stonework or brickwork about, under, in, over, etc.; to construct
by masons; -- with a prepositional suffix; as, to mason up a well or terrace ...
/m/mason.htm - 8k

Masonry (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) Construction using stone or brick. 2. (n.) The
work or performance of a mason; as, good or bad masonry; skillful masonry. ...
/m/masonry.htm - 7k

Crafts (2 Occurrences)
... Carpentering (Wood-Working) 3. Carving (Engraving) 4. Ceramics 5. Dyeing and Cleansing
6. Embroidering (Needlework) 7. Glass-Making 8. Grinding 9. Mason Work 10 ...
/c/crafts.htm - 30k

... A Biblical and Theological Dictionary. London: Mason, 1852; new edition, London:
Wesl. Conf. ... An Ecclesiastical Dictionary. London: Mason, 1853, revised, 1871. ...
/d/dictionaries.htm - 38k

Keys (2 Occurrences)
... (Compare Mason in Hastings, Dictionary of the Bible (five volumes), IV, 30.) 3.
How Peter Is Related to These Powers: Ecclesiastical contentions turn ...
/k/keys.htm - 32k

North (164 Occurrences)
... of a country. 3. (n.) Specifically: That part of the United States lying north
of Mason and Dixon's line. See under Line. 4. (a.) Lying ...
/n/north.htm - 43k

Trade (33 Occurrences)
... as distinguished from the liberal arts, the learned professions, and agriculture;
as, we speak of the trade of a smith, of a carpenter, or mason, but not now ...
/t/trade.htm - 40k

Masman. Maskil, Masman. Mason . Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia MASMAN.
mas'-man. See MAASMAS. Maskil, Masman. Mason . Reference Bible.
/m/masman.htm - 6k

Builder (33 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (n.) One who builds; one whose occupation is to build,
as a carpenter, a shipwright, or a mason. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. ...
/b/builder.htm - 20k

Boaster (3 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) One who boasts; a braggart. 2. (n.) A stone mason's
broad-faced chisel. Multi-Version Concordance Boaster (3 Occurrences). ...
/b/boaster.htm - 7k



Mason: A Trade in the Time of David

Mason: A Trade of Later Times

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