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5418. phragmos -- a fencing in, a fence
... partition. Word Origin from phrasso Definition a fencing in, a fence NASB Word
Usage barrier (1), hedges (1), wall (2). hedge, partition. ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/5418.htm - 6k
Strong's Hebrew
1449. Gederah -- "wall," a city in Judah
... Gederah, hedges. The same as gderah; (with the article) Gederah, a place in Palestine --
Gederah, hedges. see HEBREW gderah. 1448, 1449. Gederah. 1450 . ...
/hebrew/1449.htm - 6k

1447. gader -- a wall
... wall. Word Origin from gadar Definition a wall NASB Word Usage fence (1),
hedges (1), wall (11), walls (1). fence, hedge, wall. From ...
/hebrew/1447.htm - 6k


Compel them to Come In
... I FEEL in such a haste to go out and obey this commandment this morning, by compelling
those to come in who are now tarrying in the highways and hedges, that I ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 5 1859/compel them to come in.htm

The King's Potters
... Judah were a hereditary caste of potters who lived in 'Netaim and Gederah,' if we
adhere to the Revised Version's text, or 'among plantations and hedges' if we ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture g/the kings potters.htm

On the Words of the Gospel, Luke xiv. 16, "A Certain Man Made a ...
... had been sent," brought answer, "Lord, it is done as Thou hast commanded, and yet
there is room." "Go out," saith He, "into the highways and hedges, and compel ...
/.../sermons on selected lessons of the new testament/sermon lxii on the words.htm

Christ's Advice to Invite the Poor in Accordance with Isaiah the ...
... [4748] My third remark is this, [4749] that although the place abounded with people,
He yet commanded that they gather men from the highways and the hedges. ...
/.../the five books against marcion/chapter xxxi christs advice to invite.htm

'Other Sheep'
... islands.' And now this new Teacher, not content with declaring them hirelings, and
Himself the only true Shepherd of Israel, breaks down the hedges and speaks ...
/.../christianbookshelf.org/maclaren/expositions of holy scripture i/other sheep.htm

It is Indeed Better as no one ever could Deny that Men Should...
... making answer to Him, "Lord, it is done as Thou hast commanded, and yet there is
room," He said to them, "Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them ...
/.../writings in connection with the donatist controversy /chapter 6 21 it.htm

Letter clxxiii. (AD 416. )
... And the Lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel
them to come in, that my house may be filled." [2822] Mark, now, how it was ...
/.../augustine/the confessions and letters of st/letter clxxiii a d 416.htm

The Three Parables of Warning: to the Individual, to the Nation ...
... so that the Master's house may be filled.' But now he is bidden to go out,' outside
the City, outside the Theocracy, into the highways and hedges,' to those ...
/.../the life and times of jesus the messiah/chapter xvi the three parables.htm

The Gospel Supper
... And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the high-ways, and hedges,
and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled. ...
/.../whitefield/selected sermons of george whitefield/the gospel supper.htm

The Broken Fence
... Fields are often surrounded with wooden palings which soon decay, or with hedges
which may very easily have gaps made in them; but this was a stone wall. ...
//christianbookshelf.org/spurgeon/sermons on proverbs/the broken fence.htm

Hedges (7 Occurrences)
...Hedges (7 Occurrences). Luke 14:23 "The lord said to the servant,'Go out into the
highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled. ...
/h/hedges.htm - 8k

Thorn-hedges (1 Occurrence)
Thorn-hedges. Thorn-hedge, Thorn-hedges. Thorns . Multi-Version
Concordance Thorn-hedges (1 Occurrence). Isaiah 7:19 ...
/t/thorn-hedges.htm - 6k

Hedge (12 Occurrences)
... (2) gadher, and geherah, translated "hedges" in the Revised Version (British and
American) only in Psalm 89:40 ... (3) na`atsuts, "thorn-hedges" (Isaiah 7:19). ...
/h/hedge.htm - 12k

Thorn (30 Occurrences)
... Easton's Bible Dictionary. (1.) Hebrews hedek (Proverbs 15:19), rendered "brier"
in Micah 7:4. Some thorny plant, of the Solanum family, suitable for hedges. ...
/t/thorn.htm - 35k

Flesh (468 Occurrences)
... it means a "thorn hedge." (7) na`atsuts (Isaiah 7:19, the King James Version "thorns,"
the Revised Version (British and American) "thorn hedges"; Isaiah 55:13 ...
/f/flesh.htm - 69k

... The common variety, Opuntia ficus-Indica with its innumera ble sharp prickles makes
impenetrable hedges round many of the village gardens, while the Opuntia ...
/b/botany.htm - 38k

Netaim (1 Occurrence)
... Codex Vaticanus Azaeim; Codex Alexandrinus Ataeim): In 1 Chronicles 4:23 the King
James Version reads "those that dwell among plants and hedges," the Revised ...
/n/netaim.htm - 7k

Lanes (2 Occurrences)
... Luke 14:23 "The lord said to the servant,'Go out into the highways and hedges, and
compel them to come in, that my house may be filled. (See NIV). ...
/l/lanes.htm - 7k

... 2. (n.) A passageway between fences or hedges which is not traveled as a highroad;
an alley between buildings; a narrow way among trees, rocks, and other ...
/l/lane.htm - 7k

Gederathite (1 Occurrence)
... Version (British and American) reads, "the inhabitants of Netaim and Gederah," for
the King James Version, "those that dwelt among plants and hedges." It is ...
/g/gederathite.htm - 7k

Bible Concordance
Hedges (7 Occurrences)

Luke 14:23 "The lord said to the servant,'Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.

1 Chronicles 4:23 These were the potters, and those that dwelt among plants and hedges: there they dwelt with the king for his work.

Psalms 80:12 Why hast thou then broken down her hedges, so that all they which pass by the way do pluck her?

Psalms 89:40 You have broken down all his hedges. You have brought his strongholds to ruin.

Isaiah 7:19 They shall come, and shall all rest in the desolate valleys, in the clefts of the rocks, on all thorn hedges, and on all pastures.

Jeremiah 49:3 Howl, O Heshbon, for Ai is spoiled: cry, ye daughters of Rabbah, gird you with sackcloth; lament, and run to and fro by the hedges; for their king shall go into captivity, and his priests and his princes together.

Nahum 3:17 Thy crowned are as the locusts, and thy captains as the great grasshoppers, which camp in the hedges in the cold day, but when the sun ariseth they flee away, and their place is not known where they are.



Hedges of God's Protection

Hedges of Heavy Judgments

Hedges of Holy Ordinances

Hedges of Numerous Afflictions

Hedges of the Way of the Slothful

Hedges: (Broken Down) of the Taking Away of Protection

Hedges: Afforded Protection in Danger

Hedges: Antiquity of

Hedges: Danger of Breaking Through

Hedges: Designed for Protection

Hedges: Desolation Caused by Removing

Hedges: Difficulty of Breaking Through

Hedges: Filled With Grasshoppers

Hedges: Making up Gaps In, Alluded To

Hedges: Often Made of Thorns

Hedges: Placed Around: Gardens

Hedges: Placed Around: Vineyards

Hedges: Poor Travellers Sought Rest Under

Related Terms

Thorn-hedges (1 Occurrence)

Hedge (12 Occurrences)

Thorn (30 Occurrences)

Flesh (468 Occurrences)


Netaim (1 Occurrence)

Lanes (2 Occurrences)


Gederathite (1 Occurrence)

Gardens (14 Occurrences)

Garden (68 Occurrences)

Gederah (2 Occurrences)

Grasshoppers (11 Occurrences)

Impalement (1 Occurrence)

Farm (9 Occurrences)

Fence (12 Occurrences)

Fences (6 Occurrences)

Thorn-hedge (1 Occurrence)

Rugged (7 Occurrences)

Reduced (16 Occurrences)

Marshals (1 Occurrence)

Polling (1 Occurrence)

Pastures (25 Occurrences)

Brier (10 Occurrences)

Breached (4 Occurrences)

Brambles (5 Occurrences)

Compel (10 Occurrences)

Clefts (10 Occurrences)

Crowned (14 Occurrences)

Constrain (6 Occurrences)

Ariseth (20 Occurrences)

Shunem (3 Occurrences)

Strongholds (44 Occurrences)

Stake (2 Occurrences)

Hedge-rows (1 Occurrence)

Hedgest (1 Occurrence)

Valleys (38 Occurrences)

Thorns (56 Occurrences)

Plucked (46 Occurrences)

Rocks (48 Occurrences)

Plants (70 Occurrences)

Filled (336 Occurrences)

Fenced (61 Occurrences)

Fro (54 Occurrences)

Spoiled (69 Occurrences)

Gird (44 Occurrences)

Along (500 Occurrences)

Locust (25 Occurrences)

Rises (56 Occurrences)

Ruin (135 Occurrences)

Holds (67 Occurrences)

Desolate (189 Occurrences)

Highways (14 Occurrences)

Worked (145 Occurrences)

Howl (29 Occurrences)

Slave (148 Occurrences)

Servant (738 Occurrences)

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