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har'-nes: A word of Celtic origin meaning "armour" in the King James Version; it is the translation of shiryan, "a coat of mail" (1 Kings 22:34 2 Chronicles 18:33); of nesheq, "arms," "weapons" (2 Chronicles 9:24, the Revised Version (British and American) "armor"); of 'acar "to bind" (Jeremiah 46:4), "harness the horses," probably here, "yoke the horses"; compare 1 Samuel 6:7, "tie the kine to the cart" (bind them), Genesis 46:29; another rendering is "put on their accoutrements"; compare APC 1Macc 6:43, "one of the beasts armed with royal harness" (thorax), the Revised Version (British and American) "breastplates"; compare APC 1Macc 3:3, "warlike harness"; APC 1Macc 6:41 (hopla), the Revised Version (British and American) "arms"; APC 2Macc 3:25, etc.; harnessed represents chamushim, "armed," "girded" (Exodus 13:18, "The children of Israel went up harnessed," the Revised Version (British and American) "armed"). Tyndale, Cranmer, Geneva have "harnes" in Luke 11:22, Wycliff "armer."

W. L. Walker

Strong's Hebrew
631. asar -- to tie, bind, imprison
... 8), bind me tightly (1), bind you fast (1), binds (3), bound (28), captivated (1),
captured (1), confined (4), get ready (1), girded (1), harness (1), hitch (1 ...
/hebrew/631.htm - 6k

8302. shiryon -- body armor
... armor (1), breastplate (1), breastplates (1). breastplate, coat of mail,
habergeon, harness. Or shiryon {shir-yone'}; and shiryan ...
/hebrew/8302.htm - 6k

7573. ratham -- to bind, attach
... to bind, attach. Transliteration: ratham Phonetic Spelling: (raw-tham') Short
Definition: harness. ... root Definition to bind, attach NASB Word Usage harness (1). ...
/hebrew/7573.htm - 5k

5402. nesheq -- equipment, weapons
... battle (1), weapon (1), weapons (7). armed men, armoury, battle, harness, weapon.
Or nesheq {nay'-shek}; from nashaq; military equipment ...
/hebrew/5402.htm - 6k

7392. rakab -- to mount and ride, ride
... root Definition to mount and ride, ride NASB Word Usage carried (2), carried him
in a chariot (1), chariot (1), drove (1), harness (1), horseman* (2), lead (1 ...
/hebrew/7392.htm - 6k


What Yokes are For
... under the yoke," or "wear the yoke in his youth." But in Christ's illustration it
is not the jugum of the Roman soldier, but the simple "harness" or "ox-collar ...
/.../the greatest thing in the world and other addresses/what yokes are for.htm

A Peal of Bells
... under the Jewish law yet, in the day spoken of in the text, the horses themselves
shall be purged from commonness or uncleanness, and their harness shall be ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 7 1861/a peal of bells.htm

Religion and Amusement.
... Men who assert publicly that they need no amusements, and "want to die in the harness,"
will have the opportunity of dying in the harness some years earlier ...
/.../vincent/amusement a force in christian training/religion and amusement.htm

He Got up in the Morning as Soon as He Heard the Men Moving In...
... With great difficulty, but with the help of a broken chair he brought down
from his bedroom, he managed to put the harness on Diamond. ...
/.../macdonald/at the back of the north wind/chapter 24 he got up.htm

The Weird Lady
... 'Thy steed is dead in his stall, Earl Harold, Since thou hast been with me; The
rust has eaten thy harness bright, And the rats have eaten thy greyhound light ...
//christianbookshelf.org/kingsley/andromeda and other poems/the weird lady.htm

November 27:
... Men harness themselves to the work and stress of the world in clumsy and
unnatural ways. The harness they put on is antiquated. ...
//christianbookshelf.org/drummond/beautiful thoughts/november 27 0 0.htm

November the Ninth the Holy Spirit as Emancipator
... I am not hampered by excessive harness, by multitudinous rules. The harness
is fitting and congenial, and I have freedom of movement ...
/.../my daily meditation for the circling year/november the ninth the holy.htm

Putting on the Armour
... said. Tell him. Let not him that girdeth on his harness boast himself
as he that putteth it off.'"1 Kings 20:11. For the Young. ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture f/putting on the armour.htm

Knox -- the First Temptation of Christ
... that is tempted or tried. David tempted; that is, tried himself if he could
go in harness. (1 Samuel 17. And Gideon said, "Let not ...
/.../various/the worlds great sermons volume i/knox the first temptation.htm

Before the End of the Month, Ruby had Got Respectably Thin...
... Before the end of the month, Ruby had got respectably thin, and Diamond respectably
stout. They really began to look fit for double harness. ...
/.../macdonald/at the back of the north wind/chapter 34 before the end.htm

ATS Bible Dictionary

A suit of defensive armor, 1 Kings 20:11 2 Chronicles 18:33. The Hebrews went out from Egypt "harnessed," that is, properly equipped or arranged.

Easton's Bible Dictionary

(1.) Hebrews `asar, "to bind;" hence the act of fastening animals to a cart (1 Samuel 6:7, 10; Jeremiah 46:4, etc.).

(2.) An Old English word for "armour;" Hebrews neshek (2 Chronicles 9:24).

(3.) Hebrews shiryan, a coat of mail (1 Kings 22:34; 2 Chronicles 18:33; rendered "breastplate" in Isaiah 59:17).

(4.) The children of Israel passed out of Egypt "harnessed" (Exodus 13:18), i.e., in an orderly manner, and as if to meet a foe. The word so rendered is probably a derivative from Hebrew hamesh (i.e., "five"), and may denote that they went up in five divisions, viz., the van, centre, two wings, and rear-guard.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) Originally, the complete dress, especially in a military sense, of a man or a horse; hence, in general, armor.

2. (n.) The equipment of a draught or carriage horse, for drawing a wagon, coach, chaise, etc.; gear; tackling.

3. (n.) The part of a loom comprising the heddles, with their means of support and motion, by which the threads of the warp are alternately raised and depressed for the passage of the shuttle.

4. (v. t.) To dress in armor; to equip with armor for war, as a horseman; to array.

5. (v. t.) Fig.: To equip or furnish for defense.

6. (v. t.) To make ready for draught; to equip with harness, as a horse. Also used figuratively.

Gear (3 Occurrences)
... 4. (n.) The harness of horses or cattle; trapping. 5. (n.) Warlike
accouterments. ... 13. (vt) To dress; to put gear on; to harness. 14. ...
/g/gear.htm - 8k

Inclose (1 Occurrence)
... 3. (vt) To separate from common grounds by a fence; as, to enclose lands. 4.
(vt) To put into harness; to harness. Multi-Version Concordance ...
/i/inclose.htm - 7k

Bell (3 Occurrences)
... 1 Samuel 3:11), and there is, therefore, no objection etymologically to rendering
the noun by "bells." But the little bell attached to the harness of horses ...
/b/bell.htm - 10k

... usually of metal, consisting of a frame with one more movable tongues or catches,
used for fastening things together, as parts of dress or harness, by means of ...
/b/buckle.htm - 7k

Harness (9 Occurrences)
... 5. (vt) Fig.: To equip or furnish for defense. 6. (vt) To make ready for draught;
to equip with harness, as a horse. ... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. HARNESS. ...
/h/harness.htm - 12k

... and silver, and adorned with precious stones. The harness of the horses
was adorned in like manner. Two camel litters appear to be ...
/e/elamarna.htm - 31k

Tablets (31 Occurrences)
... and silver, and adorned with precious stones. The harness of the horses
was adorned in like manner. Two camel litters appear to be ...
/t/tablets.htm - 41k

... and silver, and adorned with precious stones. The harness of the horses
was adorned in like manner. Two camel litters appear to be ...
/e/el-amarna.htm - 31k

Tell (3056 Occurrences)
... and silver, and adorned with precious stones. The harness of the horses
was adorned in like manner. Two camel litters appear to be ...
/t/tell.htm - 33k

Harnessed (3 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (imp. & pp) of Harness. Multi-Version Concordance
Harnessed (3 Occurrences). Exodus 13:18 But God led the ...
/h/harnessed.htm - 7k

Bible Concordance
Harness (9 Occurrences)

1 Kings 18:44 And it came to pass at the seventh time that he said, Behold there is a cloud, small as a man's hand, arising out of the sea. And he said, Go up, say to Ahab, Harness and go down, that the pour of rain stop thee not.

1 Kings 20:11 And the king of Israel answered and said, Tell him, Let not him that girdeth on his harness boast himself as he that putteth it off.

2 Kings 9:21 And Jehoram saith, 'Harness;' and his chariot is harnessed, and Jehoram king of Israel goeth out, and Ahaziah king of Judah, each in his chariot, and they go out to meet Jehu, and find him in the portion of Naboth the Jezreelite.

2 Chronicles 9:24 And they brought every man his present, vessels of silver, and vessels of gold, and raiment, harness, and spices, horses, and mules, a rate year by year.

Job 39:10 Can you hold the wild ox in the furrow with his harness? Or will he till the valleys after you?

Psalms 50:19 "You give your mouth to evil. Your tongue frames deceit.
(See NIV)

Jeremiah 46:4 Harness the horses, and get up, you horsemen, and stand forth with your helmets; furbish the spears, put on the coats of mail.

Hosea 10:11 And Ephraim 'is' a trained heifer -- loving to thresh, And I -- I have passed over on the goodness of its neck, I cause 'one' to ride Ephraim, Plough doth Judah, harrow for him doth Jacob.
(See NAS)

Micah 1:13 Harness the chariot to the swift steed, inhabitant of Lachish. She was the beginning of sin to the daughter of Zion; For the transgressions of Israel were found in you.



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